Assistant Quality Assurance Manager Go-to-Market

Unilever Sri Lanka
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Expired on: May 23 2023

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This job has a direct responsibility in Quality Management in all trade related sectors of the business. From the business till the consumer’s end, ensuring the quality procedures are followed. This job role includes Quality Management in multiple business units such as trade (Distributive Trade, Modern Trade, E-Commerce) distribution, customer, Unilever Food Solutions etc.

Ensuring the compliance to Unilever Quality Management System in the provided work scope is the main purpose of the job.

Candidate should:

  • Be a graduate or posses a relevant equivalent professional qualification.
  • Have 3-5 years’ of experience in the quality assurance field will be an added advantage.
  • Possess strong leadership skills with excellent stakeholder management skills.
  • Be willing to travel frequently for work-related requirements.

Business Partner Quality Management System Process (BPQMS PROCESS)

·   Monitor the Quality Management in all the business partner locations in Sri Lanka with the support of the Customer Development team.

·   Approval of new business partners and location changes of business partners.

·   Conduct business partner quarterly audits, communications and action follow up.

·   Conduct productivity and efficiency improvement projects for business partner stores.

·   Introduction of new technology.

·   Capability development of staff and owners’ of business partners.

Distribution Quality Management

·   Quality Management of the primary and secondary distribution fleet.

·   Conduct bi-annual transport vehicle audits, identifying any issues to be escalated and following up with logistics team with the same.

·   Engage in island wide distribution chain operation related quality management and approval process.

Wholesaler Quality Improvement

·   Work with customer development team on wholesaler quality improvement projects.

·   Introduce new technology for wholesaler warehouses.

·   Manage training and development of wholesalers.

Food Solution Quality Management

·   Work as the food solution quality assurance counterpart for the business.

·   Conduct food solution business partner audit and follow-up.

·   Approval of new business partners for Unilever food solutions business.

·   Handle consumer and customer complaints related to Unilever food solutions business.

·   Training and capability development for storage and handling of food solutions products

Customer Complaint Management

·   Be the responsible quality counterpart in management of customer complaints.

·   Manage complaint validation and escalation (if required) to relevant business units (Manufacturing, Trade etc).

·   Be responsible for analysis of customer complaint data and relevant reporting and escalation.

·   Drive special projects on management of customer complaints.

Modern Trade Quality Improvements

·   Work with customer development team on modern trade quality improvement projects.

·   Launch and overlook delivery of special projects on modern trade improvement.

·   Training and Development of customers, merchandising representatives and sales representatives related to modern trade business.

Retail CRQS(Consumer Related Quality Standard) Management

·   Quality management and improvement in all retail units (distributive and modern trade) with the support of customer development teams.

·   Manage the conduct of retail CRQS audit with the external auditing agency.

·   Collation and analysis of audit data and escalating relevant concerns to manufacturing sites for improvements in related to factory borne defects.

·   Work with trade team on improvements of defects during trade process.

·   Visit the auditing sites across the country for training and capability development of trade team on Quality Management.

·   Align with manufacturing team for the improvements of factory related defects.

·   Conudct competitor quality evaluation and result escalation.

Out of Home Quality Improvement

·   Act as the quality counterpart for out of home operation.

·   Work with e-commerce partners on management of the out of home businesses.

·   Conduct consumer and customer complaint management related to Out of Home Operation.

·   Quality approval of any changes related to the operations.

E-Commerce Quality Management

·   Design and cascade the Unilever E-Commerce Quality Guidelines across the E-Commerce business in the country.

·   Review process and implement improvements based on complaints.

·   Cascade the regional E-Commerce quality program to local business.

·   Working with research and development, marketing and E-Commerce team on E-Commerce risk assessments and action follow up till improvement.

·   Review quality improvements for product packaging in the E-Commerce channel.

·   Conduct audit and providing approval for new e-commerce service providers.

Unilever International (UI) – Quality Management

·   Review and assist in the complaint management for UI products.

·   Working with the UI business partners in connecting with relevant sites on following up on corrective actions and preventive actions.

·   Implement process improvements on for UI products as per Unilever guidelines.

Unilever Product Superiority Agenda

·   Review Unilever product portfolio along with relevant competitor analysis.

·   Present identified actions in relevant Business Units and follow up for completion.

Quality Capability Management

·   Work with external and internal stakeholder on driving the quality capability development plan.

·   Manage communications on external training and follow up on execution & delivery.

·   Conduct HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and internal audit support for manufacturing sites.

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