Wickramarachchi Opticians & Hearing Care

No.436,High Level Road, Delkanda, Nugegoda, 10250, Colombo
Industry Sector
Healthcare & Personal Care
Company Size
3000-5000 employees

J.M. Wickramarachchi & Co is a reputed company established across the Island; Mother Srilanka since 1976. The industry has remarkably achieved a tremendous standard in the Health Care Sector. It has been eventually hoisted and integrated in providing quality products towards the public need indications

As Wickramarachchi Opticians we are very proud to announce; that since 1976, we bear the reputational recognition from worldwide organizations. join with us towards a better future with a better vision.

The organization aims to support all individuals with hearing impairment. Services provided include free hearing testing, hearing aids , support for maintenance of cochlear implants and speech / auditory verbal Therapy.

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