shakthi group

yatinuwara street, kandy, kandy, Kandy
Industry Sector
Administrative & Office
Company Size
20-50 employees

  • advertising firm - 0770606022
  • kandy mathale kurunegala nuwareliya gampola peradeniya pilimathalwa colombo galle

does a great job of informing visitors in their company profile. With unique graphics and an easy-to-read layout, visitors can learn about the company's mission, milestones, and products.

Toward the end of the page, they highlight their growth and accomplishments in an effort to let you know that they get results.


Spotify uses lots of block sections to state their mission and share a bit about their background. Here, they share some important stats and links to encourage listeners to view more information about their brand. 

This page is easy to navigate so users can find exactly what they're looking for while getting to know the company in a way that feels comfortable.


Bloomberg has a unique approach to their company profile. While they have well written copy and branching pages for more information, similar to the other examples above, this company makes its mark by offering video for practically every page it has.

They recognize the accessibility and power that comes with utilizing visual elements to engage their visitors, and it makes for a truly engrossing experience as you learn more about not only their business, but their culture as well.


Netflix begins by sharing their value statement, connecting their audience with the mission behind their business. They also use an interactive timeline to share their history and promote engagement with website visitors.

A strength seen on the Netflix company profile is the familiar use of their video background that reminds viewers of the imagery displayed at the beginning of their movies and shows, increasing familiarity and trust with their brand. 

Get Started With an Effective Company Profile

As you can see from these examples, a strong company profile is one of the first steps toward earning the trust and attention of new leads.

Your prospects want to know more about who they're doing business with. You don't just make a deal and shake hands with a stranger you know nothing about.

Follow these tips and your company profile can serve a useful function in your branding strategy, helping communicate what makes you special while drawing new customers in.

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