Rancrisp Lanka

No. 41/3/A, Archbishop Lane, Thudella, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka, Ja-Ela
Industry Sector
Food, Hospitality & Tourism
Company Size
200-500 employees

Being established in 1981, Rancrisp cashew is a leading international representative for premium quality Sri Lankan cashew. We are the only cashew processor in Sri Lanka that achieved ISO quality certificate for cashew nut and cashew related products processing.

Cashews produce crops once a year, through April to June, known as the cashew season, which makes it rare to obtain, but well worth its price. The cashew fruit, a juicy delicacy for some, the seed, a luxurious snack, and the cashew gum, a versatile polymer; a true gift of nature to humans.

To become the most preferred cashew producer and the exporter in Sri Lanka

To develop the quality and safety standards of the cashew industry and incorporate the state of the art technology to the cashew processing while introducing new value-added cashew products to the market

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