MSA Shipping Private Limited

121/1, Stace Road, Colombo 14 - Grandpass
Industry Sector
Logistics and Supply Chain
Company Size
200-500 employees

We believe ourselves to be the premier provider in cargo forwarding and logistics solutions in Sri Lanka. Our efficiency, productivity, and speed of execution is our success story. we are highly trained, motivated and committed to deliver the highest standards of excellence in everything we do while delivering profitable business growth... we always value our customers, our agents and our partners.

MSA Shipping always makes sure to provide efficient, effective and reliable logistics solutions to achieve total customer satisfaction. our only aim is to develop productive long term business relationships with our customers. we are ensured to build a work atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork with a system of recognition and rewards focused on results and right behavior. Our staffs are well trained and value enhanced to ensure high performance through the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. We shall mold an organization composed of highly competent people and driven by superior technology... FOR OUR INVESTORS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS

We commit to achieve a return of investment that will ensure consistent leadership profits and growth of our organization.

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