Lanka Spice (Pvt) Ltd.

, Colombo
Industry Sector
Food, Hospitality & Tourism
Company Size
200-500 employees

Lanka Spice (Pvt) Ltd was set up in 1984 with FIAC approval to manufacture value-added spices, spice blends, and curry powders for both local and export markets, under the brand name “Mc Currie.” Having commenced operations in 1984, with just ten employees, today we have come a long way, employing over 200 employees in our factories at Makumbura, Pannipitiya which produces our dry products and our factory in the Nalanda Industrial Zone, Matale District, which produces our entire ready-to-eat jar product range.

Lanka Spice (Pvt) Limited is a company dedicated to producing authentic Sri Lankan products. Today, “Mc Currie” is a household name amongst the housewives of Sri Lanka and is known for producing high-quality products in the field of spices.

At Lanka Spice (Pvt) Limited we want to grow our business in a manner that will benefit our consumers, employees, and suppliers. We have understood that there is a strong connection between our brand identity and our growing reputation in the spice industry. Our success is based on:

ᴥ Producing pure and hygienic spices and related products.

ᴥ Being different from our competitors through innovation.

ᴥ Expansion of our product range developed by our Research and Development Division.

ᴥ Infusion of new state-of-the-art technology in machinery on the production floors with a focus on continuous improvement.

We meaningfully look for innovation of our range of products and it is indeed a challenge which Lanka Spice is ready to take on. With in-house research and development lab and team, we can tailor any of our products to our clients’ needs and produce custom spice blends to match a given recipe.

Lanka Spice (Pvt) Limited uses the best, freshest, high-quality spices, which are readily found in Sri Lanka. In doing so we bolster local farmers from whom fresh produce is acquired, thus giving back something to the local community. Our determination to be socially responsible provides us with a sustainable competitive advantage.

The brand “Mc Currie” has become a household name in Sri Lanka over the years and we believe in continuously enhancing our production line so that we can move forward with innovative ideas on new products and maintain the highest standards. We look forward to helping new customers both in Sri Lanka and abroad to enjoy the exotic tastes of Sri Lankan spices and cuisine.

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