135,, Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala, Colombo
Industry Sector
Aviation & Marine
Company Size
100-200 employees

Reinventing the wheel. The Avtra way!

Yes, you read it right; we dared to try and reinvent the wheel - and we did it!

It still spins and it is still round – but it’s better in every respect; faster, sturdier and more stable, lightweight, and far more cost-effective. Its core comprises of the very latest technological advancements and it will allow you to go further and faster, to reach more places and conquer new horizons with greater maneuverability.

It is a completely new thinking behind an old necessity. And this is our story;

The global airline and tourism industry has been trying to untangle itself from the legacy weights of its old systems for decades; the very weights that have dragged it and prevented it – in part, from attaining true commercial leanness and financial predictability. Such is the power and complexity of the information technology solutions from the yesteryears, that few dared to even contemplate to propose and offer something different. But some did - and Avtra and its Team fall into this group of visionary entrepreneurs who dared to think in the future.

We may not have been the first but are definitely one of the leaders in spearheading the airline and tourism digital revolution - by giving power back to the operators through our technological advancements. What we did was to materialize our disruptive ideas, designs and approaches and to apply them to everyday industry processes. This idea has allowed us to cut time, money, effort and infrastructure requirements for all our clients, who now readily serve an evolutionary and more demanding marketplace.

Our multi-lingual platforms go beyond the aviation industry requirements, irrespective of the business model and the operating geographical location.

All in all we empower our clients to be more competitive and responsive in this increasingly competitive aviation industry, providing them with quantifiable advantages to grab opportunities beyond, and in the future.

Welcome to Avtra!

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