Tech lead / Associate Architect – DevOps

Acentura Inc
19 days ago
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Expires on: Jul 26 2024

Ref.No 00004691


We are looking for Tech lead / Associate Architect – DevOps to join our dynamic team.

Key Responsibilities:

• Design and implement robust and scalable DevOps solutions, incorporating Microservice Architecture and API integration.

• Familiar with K&S operations

• Utilize Java, Spring Boot, and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts for development and deployment processes.

• Manage and optimize Kubernetes clusters, including auto-scaling, replica sets, and effective use of kubectl commands.

• Build and manage Docker containers and images, utilizing Docker build commands.

• Create and maintain CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins for automated testing, integration, and deployment.

• Implement and manage AWS services, including S3 buckets, VPCs, EC2 instances, CloudWatch, Route53, EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), EBS (Amazon Elastic Block Store), and Amazon EFS (Elastic File System).

• Configure and optimize caching solutions, such as ElastiCache or Memcached, to enhance system performance.

• Work with Oracle databases and PL/SQL functions/procedures for data management and optimization.

• Set up monitoring dashboards using tools like Kibana, Grafana, and SIPmon for proactive system monitoring.

• Implement and maintain Kafka for efficient event-driven communication.

• Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams and contribute to the improvement of DevOps processes.

• Ensure version control and efficient collaboration using Git.

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