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Expires on: Jul 30 2024

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DMS represents Diebold Nixdorf Inc. of the USA, the world leader in CRMs and ATMs. DMS and DN have implemented pioneering projects such as First Branch and Networked Bulk Cash Recyclers & Bulk Cash Depositors in Asia Pacific, First Envelope-less Bulk Cheque Deposit ATMs in Asia Pacific, First Networked Foreign Currency Conversion ATMs which accept foreign currency and dispense Sri Lanka Currency and Coins. DMS also introduced ATMs and CRMs to the Maldives in 1999 and 2016 respectively, and is the market leader supporting an installed base of over 2000 CRMs and ATMs in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. DMS also introduced Diebold Nixdorf's Retail Self-Checkout Systems which are the first in South Asia, at Sri Lanka's leading supermarket chain.DMS also represents Entrust USA, The Global Leader in Identities, Payments and Data Protection (i.e. Secure ID's, Digital signature enablement, EMV Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Smart Cards, ePassports etc.).DMS-Entrust has implemented pioneering projects such as First Turnkey (End-to-End) EMV Smart Card Solution in the region, First In-line Card Delivery and Envelope Insertion System in the region, First Modular/High Volume Card Issuance System in Sri Lanka, First In-House EMV Smart Card Issuance System in Sri Lanka, First and preferred vendor for Instant Insurance Policy Issuance Systems in Sri Lanka with over 90% Market Share, First Instantly Issued Loyalty Card Issuance System in Sri Lanka and the Largest Secure ID Solutions provider to Govt. and Corporate Sectors.DMS is also the Sri Lankan partner for Panini S.p.A of Italy the world leader in distributed cheque processing systems. DMS has implemented many cheque truncation and postdated cheque management application systems in Sri Lanka.

Stores Executive

Applicants should be under 28 years of age whose work responsibility is to assist the stores and repair center staff in their day to day activities.

Duties and Responsibilities: -

  • Storing of spare parts in an easy to locate manner
  • Packaging and labeling items
  • Inspecting items for breakages or damages and reporting to Manager
  • Check that the correct quantity and type of goods have been received
  • Update logs and documentation for inventory processing
  • When required unload and load packages into and from vehicles
  • Arrange stores to improve efficiency in issuing spare parts to field operations
  • Managing dispatch and return of spares to Regional Service Centers via local courier services

Successful candidates who perform to the Company’s expectations have a career path with promotional prospects to Senior Management.Applicants must reside in Colombo / Greater Colombo.Selected applicants will be rewarded with an attractive remuneration package in accordance with qualifications and experience as well as excellent career development opportunities in a pleasant work environment.

motivated, disciplined and self-reliant
Industry Sector