Software Engineer / Associate Software Engineer – Data Engineering

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About the Role:

Data Analytics and Insights (DA&I) team at Wiley is a vibrant team including colleagues from Sri Lanka, USA and UK in a truly multi-national team setup. This team is involved in building end-to-end data products and solutions for our customers dispersed around the globe in the business domains Research Publications, Learning and Education related platforms & services, Professional Learning solutions and Book Publications. From extracting and bringing data from over 100+ diverse sources both internal and external to Wiley to Wiley’s Data Lake and Enterprise Data Warehouse built on AWS and Snowflake, to processing that terabyte scale data for insights and machine learning use cases using Spark, TensorFlow and other ML libraries, to building Business Intelligence applications in Power BI, to building high performance, fault tolerant and secure data integration Data as a Service (DaaS) micro-service applications on Spring Boot and Kubernetes, to building external customer facing Web based analytics solutions on React JS, Highcharts, D3 etc., DA&I team at Wiley is a one-stop-shop for providing any colleague who gets on-board with us “all” Data Solutioning depth and breadth opportunities that cannot be matched by many other competitors.

Data Engineering vacancies in DA&I team provides a unique opportunity to candidates to involve in building and maintaining the terabyte scale Data Lake and EDW at Wiley, building truly scaled datasets including both structed and semi-structured datasets, using those data sets to derive insights and ML use cases based on the analytics teams’ requirements and specifications, and orchestrating such complex data pipelines using industry leading orchestration platforms. They are given the opportunity to involve in the end-to-end life cycle of designing, developing, deploying and production support of such data use cases, providing a full end-to-end experience in maintaining a production data eco-system at the scale and diversity of Wiley.

What we look for:

  • BSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Industry experience of:
  • 2+ years for Software Engineer
  • 0 - 2 years for Associate Software Engineer
  • Note: Based on the interview performance, candidate maybe considered under accelerated career progress track. 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong development experience in Python or Scala or Java.
  • Strong development experience with SQL and databases. Prior experience in Snowflake will be beneficial.
  • Understanding and prior experience in processing different data formats such as CSV, XML, JSON, Parquet, Avro, ORC etc.
  • Experience with different types of data sources both structured and semi-structured such as Relational DBs, NoSQL DBs, RESTful APIs, Flat files, Streaming sources such as Kafka etc.
  • Good understanding of enterprise data eco-system concepts such as Data lakes, Data warehouses, ETL vs. ELT, Dimensional Data Modelling etc.
  • Experience in any major cloud provider such as AWS (Preferred), Azure or GCP will be beneficial.
  • A good understanding of data privacy, governance and security aspects.
  • Experience in producing technical documentation.
  • Working knowledge in any one or more of the technologies Apache Spark, AWS EMR, TensorFlow, Apache HBase, Kubernetes, Solr, Elasticsearch, Apache Airflow, Argo Workflows will be beneficial.
  • Experience in working in a SCRUM agile teams’ setup will be beneficial.

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