Senior TechOps Engineer

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Expired on: Feb 05 2024

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This is a role that carries out leading the daily application operations which includes product support, systems monitoring/maintenance, automation and troubleshooting. An Associate Lead TechOps Engineer role would require adequate leadership qualities and sound technical skills in Cloud native technologies including container management and container orchestration. Also need to identify issues in the production phase and system and implement monitoring solutions to overcome those issues.CodeGen supports clients around the globe, so the team will be a roster based engineering team providing 24/7*365 L1/L2 support for projects.

Pre - Requisites

Minimum of 2 years work experience in software delivery and Cloud-native technologies.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in IT, Computer Science or in a related field (Compulsory)

Good Knowledge in Linux Administration (RHCSA certification or hands-on is preferred)

Excellent knowledge of Kubernetes and Helm charts

Knowledge of managing CI/CD Pipelines

Must have strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills

Demonstrates an extremely high level of accuracy and attention to detail

Must have strong communication skills and able to work with team

Ability to drive discussions towards conclusions

Articulate and should be able to express ideas and issues without inhibitions

Managing production architecture Linux hosted system(Microservices & monolithic)

Install, Tune & manage Middleware containers, CMS, Caching technology & Database system in different cloud platforms & on-prep hosted systems

Knowledge of Agile/Jira/Kanbans

Happy to split your time between task/people management and technical work

Knowledge of Kubernetes Jenkins and Managing Microservices deployments

Knowledge of Linux and basic Windows

Knowledge of Public Cloud (AWS/OCI/Azure)

Ability to work independently with Differnt Teams (DEV/QA/BA)

Able to grasp functional aspects well (quickly and with minimal guidance)

Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced team environment

software delivery
Helm charts
Industry Sector