Senior Product Technologist

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The Senior Product Technologist is responsible for coordinating and providing technical support & follow-up with relevant stakeholders & supplier sources for the assigned RM & products development/ technology translation to ensure final garment development to meet the customer’s inspiration This includes an understanding of customer requirements, product research new market trends/ consumer needs, evaluation & mitigation of the development risk, customer testing protocols, consumption & costing, and coordination for sample development with third-party supplier sources facilities as well as within the Group facilities. Moreover, it covers RM/chemical innovation in collaboration with strategic suppliers, R&D institutes, customers, and internal /Group cross-functional teams, supply chain teams while focusing on optimum product cost in line with each customer/stakeholder’s satisfaction & operating model


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Understanding of customer requirements with research on customer competition, consumer needs & trends while brainstorming the most appropriate product solution right time in the right quality
  2. Work with internal and external teams to identify new opportunities and provide a complete solution by integrating RM innovation, garment dye innovation, embellishment innovation or value-added subprocess and garment construction
  3. Work with marketing leads, cross-functional teams & the Supply chain teams in the CBU & Group to update on customer insights while funnel out the best reliable Supplier sources to develop product solutions at optimizing profit/ minimal cost in commercially viable realization
  4. Liaise with Technology Entrepreneur Leads, Process Entrepreneur Leads in other product categories to provide and extract customized solutions based on product category (apparel, bra, and underwear translation)
  5. Identify possible risk & established necessary mitigation plans on product development while facilitating target customer quality parameters & testing in the agreed critical path
  6. Liaise with Design Entrepreneur Lead for the brainstorming, and concept finalization process from end to end while providing the solution for product realization with the consumption & cost validation processes in bulk operation
  7. Lead and manage the team, maintain the development tracking document & KPI monitoring tool with assurance of up-to-date records while adhering to the company health & Safety protocols & RITE values


Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Textile, Clothing Technology, Materials Management or any other relevant stream.


1 - 2 years of relevant experience in the area of Textile Technology with strong technical knowledge of raw materials and RM sourcing practices

Possess knowledge in QA practices, Industrial Engineering and Automation and Innovation

Washing Operations
process improvement initiatives
Cost Control
Process Compliance
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