Oil Spill Foreman

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Expired on: Dec 12 2023

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Employee on site must:

  • Be able to speak and accept instructions in either English or Arabi
  • Be healthy and physically capable of undertaking any work assigned to them
  • Be capable of receiving and following instructions
  • Be fit and able to work in confined spaces
  • Be capable of sitting an oral trade test examination given by the Company in English / Arabic
  • Have no physical or mental impediment and be capable of undertaking strenuous manual work in adverse conditions.

Have at least 10 years of working experience, with a minimum of 5 years experience as a Forman in the trade in which he will be supervising.

Be certified by a recognized outside authority as being competent in the maintenance and operation of Oil Spill equipment including oil spill Skimmers, Oil Spill Booms, Pumps Hydraulic Power Packs, etc.

Have completed an Oil Spill Operator Training Course and a Beach Masters Course up to IMO Level2 (International Maritime Organization) (Chemical Spill Handling) or similar accreditation which includes "Hands On" Experience in Boom Deployment on shoreline and offshore.

Be familiar with all types of Oil Spill Skimmers, Booms and have experience in Oil Spill Dispersant Applications on open water.

Be familiar with Beach Clean-up operations.

Be familiar with Applying Sorbent Materials on oil spills and properly recovering the same.

Be knowledgeable in procedures, rules, and regulations typical to working in Oil & Gas Petrochemical environment.

Have suitable previous working experience in carrying out Oil Spill work in the Oil & Gas or Petrochemical Industry.

Be knowledgeable of specific safety requirements of Oil Spill Recovery Operations and equipment and capable of assessing and responding to all types of land and sea-based oil spills in a responsible and safe manner.

Be able to control, lead and direct a workforce in their duties.

Be able to read, write and converse in English and have good communication skills.

Be able to read, write and converse in English and have good communication skills. Be able to pass a Permit Training Course and be certified to receive and hold Permits to Work.

Be fully conversant with the content of the Company's Manual "Contractor Guide to Safety", latest edition.

Be fully knowledgeable and conversant with safe disposable of contaminated wastes as per Company’s Hazardous Waste Disposal procedures.

Hold a valid GCC driving license.


Oil spill work
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