Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Motion Graphics and Animation Design

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Expires on: May 10 2024

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To contribute to the management, delivery and development of the Fashion Design and Marketing academic programme, course portfolio and individual modules within the Academy of Design.

The principal function of this role will be to coordinate, deliver and manage delegated teaching and learning and assessment activities related to the curriculum and discipline across course/s at Undergraduate level. You will be required to contribute to the teaching, learning and assessment of the programme with a focus on student experience and enhancement.

The duties and responsibilities of a lecturer are inherently of a professional nature and are wide ranging. They include:

  1. direct teaching delivery
  2. tutorial guidance and support to student’s learning
  3. forms of scholarly activity
  4. curriculum development
  5. assessment and feedback
  6. knowledge transfer and industry outreach
  7. educational coordination, management and administration
  8. participation in the processes of AOD (committee membership etc.)
  9. participation in quality assurance procedures
  10. support the recruitment and admission of students
  11. representing AOD on or to appropriate external meetings.
  • To undertake specified teaching duties, specifically those relating to the delivery, teaching and learning of Motion Graphics and Animation Design.
  • To support the delivery of the aims, content and assessment of modules to ensure good practice is met in learning teaching and assessment.
  • To support the coordination and enhancement of the curriculum for specific modules relating to Motion Graphics and Animation Design; including the delivery of theory and practice, and principles of both contextual and design studies, organising workshops, coordinating assessments and taking responsibility for the professional development of specific groups of students.
  • To assess the work and progress of students by referencing to the assessment criteria and provide constructive, developmental and challenging feedback to students within the specific and agreed timeframes.
  • To make a contribution to the organisation of student assessment and progression procedures, including preparation for assessment boards.
  • To make a contribution to the curriculum and enhancement within the Motion Graphics and Animation Design programme.
  • To make a contribution to the subject through your own distinctive scholarly activity and/or professional practice.
  • To ensure that students’ performance is monitored and proper records are kept, and that individuals’ progress is tracked and communicated back. 
  • To liaise with the Programme Director of the Motion Graphics and Animation Design programme in matters relating to provision within AOD.
  • To participate in student recruitment, including interviewing where appropriate. 
  • To contribute to academic development initiatives at both programme and AOD Institutional level, particularly to assist in the planning, updating and development of relevant discipline areas of study, maintaining present standards and contributing appropriately to innovation and evolution of the subject areas. 
  • To develop and maintain appropriate personal IT and computer skills, both subject specific and related to general delivery of the programme. 
  • To take a proactive role in ensuring equality of opportunity among peers, students and other stakeholders.
  • To contribute to the work of AOD, as a whole, and as expressed through the AOD Action Plan, and Annual Operating Targets, and to undertake such additional tasks as may arise in the course of executing the AOD Strategic Plan.
  • Undertaking health and safety duties and responsibilities appropriate to the post.
  • Maintaining and promoting equality and diversity within the terms of AOD procedures.

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