Garment Technologist

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Expires on: Dec 27 2023

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As the Garment Technologist, you will be reporting to the Assistant Manager - Garment Technology. You will be required to work closely with the Development team, end buyer and the sample room from tech pack stage till production. You will be responsible for all pattern making related to development till bulk patterns are handed over to the production plant. You are required to ensure on time delivery of samples in correct quality and follow up on sample approval. You must also ensure that ordering consumptions are given for trims and correct approved patterns are passed on to the marker maker for fabric consumptions. 


  • Possess sound technical knowledge with a Textile Degree/Diploma from a recognized institute
  • A minimum of 3 years experience in a similar capacity with a sound understanding of pattern making, grading and knowledge of sewing. Skill of CAD system is mandatory.
  • Experience in pattern making, grading in similar product category of t—shirts, leggings, sleepwear shirts, sleepwear pants and all men's underwear is essential
  • Problem solving capabilities, innovative thinking and execution excellence
  • Ability to read, interpret customer requirements and specifications with a good command of spoken English
  • Ability to work under pressure while prioritizing and managing tasks efficiently 
  • Create patterns and grading according to the customer's specification and grading rule
  • Follow a smooth pattern making process from development to bulk approved stage and hand over the final pattern to the production plant
  • Work closely with the Development teams to ensure that the style is developed in feasible production-able methods
  • Work with Technicians, Garment Technologists and Industrial Engineers to establish improved quality and technical standards for the development and production of new styles within the manufacturing facilities
  • Communicate with relevant internal departments to deliver a comprehensive service, to both factory and the end customer 
Problem Solving
Innovative Thinking
Customer Service
Industry Sector