Senior Manager - Merchandising

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Expires on: Oct 03 2022

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Key purpose of the Job

The Senior Manager – Merchandising is responsible for spearheading formulation and implementation of the Product Innovation strategies and advanced concepts for Brandix Casualwear. This includes product strategy for creation of advanced concepts / new product pipelines for the near future, design & development for futuristic products for the SBU. Further, the job holder will be responsible for achievement of budgeted customer topline and profitability, design and development, order management, LRP, developing and managing effective customer relationships and team management for assigned customers. And as a product team lead, you will oversee the center design and product development teams.


Bachelor’s Degree

Master's Degree in Fashion Designing / Clothing Technology or any other relevant stream


10 to 12+ years of relevant experience in apparel design & development, with strong knowledge of design, new product development processes


1. Driving Vision and Change

2. Exciting & Engaging Customers

3. Inspiring Employees

4. Driving Results

This is an Equal Opportunity Company

  1. Lead formulation and deployment of the Product strategies for the SBU, including design & development, product pipelines creation etc.
  2. Drive synergies with the internal teams for achievement of the Design & Development KPIs, including design hit rate, development lead time, profitability.
  3. Spearhead implementation of Advanced Concepts and Technology R&D projects in the SBU, including conceptualization, commercialization and development of new product ideas.
  4. Drive synergies with the Customers, suppliers and internal teams for realization of the Product Innovation objectives.
  5. Oversee and lead the centre product development and design team for achievement of the functional deliverables. 
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