Senior Data Engineer

Axiata Digital Labs
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Expires on: Oct 19 2022

Ref. No 00000103

  • BSc Degree in Electronics /Telecommunications/Electrical/IT/ Computer Science or relevant professional qualification
  • 1 – 3 year(s) experience Data Science, Analytics, ML, AI or related work in telecommunication or SW development
  • Basic knowledge in the use of statistical packages, machine learning algorithms & familiarity with basic principles of distributed computing and/or distributed databases such as Hadoop
  • Hands on experience in ML, Analytics related cloud services in AWS, GCP, MS Azure or other cloud services
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and basic knowledge in business and functional areas
  • Works with team leaders and members to solve client analytics problems and documents results and methodologies.
  • Develop, Train, Test, Validate Machine Learning algorithms for given business problems
  • Work closely with MLOps. DevOps and other IT teams to deploy developed ML algorithms
  • Performs experimental design approaches to validate finding or test hypotheses.
  • Validates analysis by comparing appropriate samples.
  • Employs the appropriate algorithm to discover patterns.
  • Uses the expected qualification and assurance of the information to quantify the accuracy metrics of the analysis.
  • Qualifies where information can be stored or what information, external to the organization, may be used in support of the use case.
  • Assesses the volume of data supporting the initiative, the type of data (e.g., images, text, clickstream, or metering data), and the speed or sudden variations in data collection.
  • Collaborates with the data steward to ensure that the information used follows the compliance, access management, and control policies and that it meets the qualification and assurance requirements of the Institute.
  • Recommends ongoing improvements to methods and algorithms that lead to findings, including new information.
  • Presents and depicts the rationale of their findings in easy-to-understand terms for the business.
  • Presents back results that contradict common belief, if needed.
  • Implements enhancements and fixes to systems as needed.
Communication skills
Interpersonal Skills
Machine learning algorithms
Data Analytics
Data science
Team work
MS Azure
Cloud services
Industry Sector