Front-end Developer

Sumathi Holdings
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Expires on: Feb 15 2023

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Consisting of eight limited liability companies in several key industries including Information Technology, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Hydro Power, Printing and Publishing, Newspapers, Film Producing and Security, the Sumathi Holdings has grown to become a large conglomerate in Sri Lanka over the last 60+ years.

The Sumathi Holdings owes its success to many factors. Sound financial acumen coupled with timely decision making, managing people based on trust and loyalty to the organization and a commitment to excel in the chosen industries have been instrumental in our growth. Those who join the Sumathi Holdings with the right attitude can look forward to their career development and success within the organization and society at large.

  • Continuously keep track of the latest modern trends and build an intuitive and simplistic design, keeping up well with client requirements
  • Proficient in increasing the speed of building a product and making it live in a short span of time
  • Build solutions that can adhere to a larger audience, increasing scalability
  • Enhance SEC ratings by ensuring search engine crawlers can perform their best
  • Keep clients engaged with engaging designs, UI, and frontends
  • Help in increasing the popularity of the application and product through effective Ul/UX
  • Ability to develop a given UI within a limited time frame
Good interpersonal relationships.
Team Spirit & Coordination
Industry Sector